My name is Wylie Anderson and I’m an Actor, Theatre Educator, and Girl living in Boston & Los Angeles.

Literally, welcome! 


wylie quinn annarose anderson

was born in Vancouver in 1998 and raised in Los Angeles until 2016 when she moved to Boston to attend Emerson College, where she’s getting a degree in Theater Education & Performance. There, she’s learning about acting, theatre education, a little directing, a bit of film production, a dabble in comedy, a sprinkle of marketing, and who knows what else.

She’s 20 years old. She made this website to take herself more seriously as a creator and a maker-doer-gal. This website holds some of her pictures and videos and writings and things she’s done (and doing).

I hope you enjoy (?), thanks for subscribing to my channel, and of course, Literally, Beep.